175 lb fella looking for a peaceful ride to work vs 300+ lbs woman seeking pure destruction. Who you got?

This is an absolute nightmare scenario. First off it’s an angry woman looking to fight. That alone is the worst. When a lady tries to throw hands there is literally nothing you can do but take it and try to walk away. Hard to walk away when you’re stuck on the subway, harder to walk away when the woman has the strength of 10,000 men and is looking right into your soul.

Second reason this is a complete nightmare, it’s Monday and this poor guy is heading to work. A muggy Monday morning, you step on the train and boom you’re in the middle of a battle for your life. All because you wanted to sit down. Can’t think of a worse way to start your week. Wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Just glad to see my man made it out alive, thoughts and prayers to you brave sir.

Hit the music


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