JLo Throwing Haymakers

Yesterday was all about one person. Tiger Woods. He took a lead on the last day of the open and the internet was glued to his every move. That was until about 3 pm yesterday when J Lo decided she wanted some attention. And attention she got.

Are your serious with this Jenny? Casual Sunday and your throwing yoga pants and nips at us!!!??!!?? My goodness. Another question. What gym allows this type of outfit? I’m not complaining, just a question.

This is one hell of a way to kick off your birthday week. Which is tomorrow by the way. Happy early birthday JLo, making 49 look like 29. No one in history has aged better than her. No one.

Image – Shutterstock

That’s her in 1998!! 20 years ago. What type of witchcraft is this?

Atta boy ARod, enjoy.

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