Jason Spencer Is About To Have A Tough Week NSFW

Last night on Who Is America, Sacha Baron Cohen had Jason Spencer, a real life politician, on his show and it’s worse. Cohen had Spencer on his show to talk about ISIS and terrorist. Spencer, who is a sitting state representative, dropped a few HARD N-bombs as a way to get attention in case of an ISIS attack.

But he can recover from that right? Maybe he isn’t racist and just didn’t understand the question.

…………maybe not. Did he say dragon, chopsticks at the end of that?

But at least he didn’t drop a “Sand N-bomb,” pretend to chop off a terrorist dick, stick said dick in his mouth, shove it in the fake terrorist mouth and then cut a GA state rep promo.

Well, that’s about it for Jason.

Ps. I’d pay green money to watch him try and explain all of this to anyone that will listen.

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