Ya see, that title… It’s called a tease. “Oh I want to get excited. I like excitement! What’s he talking about?” CLICK.

So thank you for clicking and hello! Why am I excited? Why should y’all be excited? Because tomorrow is a very, very special day.

It takes place in Oxnard, California. It involves a lot of really talented (sometimes in trouble) dudes. And, it involves the best sports franchise in the world.


Image – Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SPORTS

We are one day closer to actual football!

One day closer to answering all the hot topic questions:

What the hell does “Dak Friendly offense” mean?

Image – Tom Pennington/Getty

Do the Cowboys have a WR on the team?

How much will ZEKE eat this season? (Get those abs back kid.)

Can this dude named Leighton Vander Esch (who went to a HS with six people) actually play?

And the ultimate question…

Are they ready to reclaim what is theirs? Can they slay the dragon, AKA the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles and win their first Super Bowl since 1995???

Image – AP

…Ok maybe they should just win one playoff game first.

I know I’m excited and if you weren’t I know you now are too! @TheNickRu keeps running his mouth saying 7-9, 7-9, 7-9. Well, let the games begin.. (actually just practice)

It’s training camp season. Time to overhype and over analyze but love every second of it.


-Kevin “That Guy”

Feature Image – Sporting News

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