The Branded Hour. Branded Sports Happy Hour Review: Poco’s

If there’s one thing here at Branded Sports that we know (besides sports and being awesome) it’s Bars. We will be traveling around “doing very important research” to bring you The Branded Hour. A review of the best Happy Hour’s around! We are in search of “The Perfect 30” does it exist? Lets find out together!

This week’s spotlight review is:

Name: Poco’s Mexican-American Bar & Restaurant

Location: Doylestown, PA (Bucks County)

Happy Hour Time: Mon-Fri: 4-6

Specials: Half off ALL alc & ALL apps!!


Phone: 215-348-3424

Twitter: @PocosDoylestown

Facebook: Poco’s

I live about two miles from Poco’s, in beautiful Doylestown, PA. I have been to Poco’s a bunch, always good food, always good drinks and always a great time. However, I had never been there for HAPPY HOUR before. Shame. On. Me.

Last Friday my wife, a friend and I decided we wanted some Margaritas, what better place than Poco’s? We rolled up around 5, place was bumpin but we were lucky enough to get a table in their outside/inside spot.

(Its “inside” but it is it’s own section with huge windows that retract up so you are basically outside. But not screwed if a summer shower rolls through.)

After we sat down we said… Wait HALF OFF ALL ALCOHOL? Not just well drinks? Ok, A++ already. So of course we ordered some frozen margaritas, then a pitcher of gold. (And right about 5:55 ordered another half off pitcher of gold! ✅)

We also got enough apps to (as my mom would say) feed an army, for the three of us. People were eating, people were drinking, everyone was having a fantastic time!

GRADES: (All grades are out of 10)

Alcohol: Half off all drinks. They were delicious. Score: 10

Food: Apps were great and food came out very quickly. I recommend, the wings (trust me I know wings and they are damn good.) The cheesesteak egg rolls (brought in from Pineville tavern.) The Chicken and beef taquitos and nachos! Score: 8.1

Atmosphere: Like I said the outdoor/indoor area is great. Sit at the bar or high top tables (both perfect for Happy Hour.) plenty of TV’s and always have a game on. If there is no room out there, no problem that bar swings all the way around to the inside. Also the bathrooms, (very important) they have a chalkboard above the urinal so you can write GO COWBOYS while you pee! Score: 8.2

Bonus: They bring out endless chips with two awesome salsas! (That’s HUGE.) Uber & Lyft fully available. If you want to close the place down they are actually attached to a motel! They also have a full comedy club on the second floor!! And on the bar they have glass cups with condoms.

Overall Score: 26.3 out of 30. Damn Good.

I highly recommend if you are in the Doylestown area to check the Poco’s Happy Hour out, you won’t be disappointed.

Drink responsibly #ForTheBrand


Have a bar you want us to review? Message me on Twitter: @kmess22

-Kevin “That Guy”

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