Does anyone else feel that they were a part of Kate Upton getting pregnant?

Because I do!

I remember back in the day, well it wasn’t that long ago when the pictures came out of Kate letting it all hang out. Now that she is pregnant and I feel weird that I pretty much know how it went down….

I remember the day like it was yesterday,
I got a text message from a friend that said, “Did you see the leaked pics?”I said, “No.”
I remember my exact response like it was yesterday.
My friend sent me the link to the endless pictures of Kate posing with her cannons OUT! It was a full display with vests and ties and thumbs up! Just like Siskel and Ebert.
Then as I was scrolling I started to see the other side of the relationship and awkward poses of which it looked like they both were spanked. I don’t know, maybe they were being naughty…
With all of this prior knowledge of the relationship, I felt a little weird when I saw that Kate announced she was pregnant on Instagram.

We were basically in the bedroom or bathroom with them, all of us! If you saw the pictures I am talking about you too!!!

I can imagine Kate topless with her fun bags out, ready to play, both thumbs pointing up, and then she crouches down like she is a catcher. (Because Verlander is a pitcher, get it?). And thrusts her middle finger in between her legs, calling for a fastball. Then with that finger she points it at her vaginal area. Verlander has seen this sign before, it is what got him spanked in the pictures from years ago. Then boom bang skee skee, PREGO!

I mean that is how it went down. If that story isn’t exactly the same as what you thought. Then you need to look at the leaked pics again. It all makes sense.

When she does have that baby, can you imagine what those warlocks are gonna look like… Cannons upgraded to straight NUKES. No one is safe and also, I want to challenge that child to a chugging contest, you know that child will have enough resources available.



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