“Can I add you to my buddy list?”

Hello friends, my name is Vincent Vacation but my close friends call me Vinny Vacay for short. I mean maybe three people call me that and when I say “friends”, I mean people I want to put through a wall, just like when you are trying to get a beer at an eagles game and the dude in front of you turns around and throws up his crab fries on your chest. SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST, Vinnnnnyyy Vacaaaaayyy. My bad I tend to lose track of my thoughts and use caps as if I am yelling like I am on AOL in 1999. (90’s AOL) (90’s aka 1990-1999, AOL aka America Online, best shit ever, away message, you’ve got mail, shitty movie, still love AOL) Anywho, I got the nickname because I was accused of going on vacations more days than actually working, doesn’t that sound euphoric? Yeah, well my boss didn’t think so and proceeded to call me Vinny for the remainder of the time I spent working for that fine establishment. I stupidly asked a couple days after coming back from a short “vacation” and slightly hungover from “Sunday FUNDAY” in Sea Isle City, NJ. I asked, “Sir, why is it that you are referring to me as Vinny?” My boss replies, “Boy, you go on vacation more than you work, your new name is Vinny Vacay.” I actually kind of liked it. Because honestly who wants to work? That is why you are reading my blog, because you’re probably in an office with coworkers that annoy the shit out of you and you ignore them by staring at your computer screen acting like you are working but you are reading my nonsense. BUT, it is still better than listening to your coworker tell you about how their husband puts his hands in his pants too much. Come on we males have neeeeeds!

I want to to thank JP for letting me join the crew. I did however get a crew cut after finding out that I was allowed to join the team, maybe I was a little too literal. I did have to promise JP that I would cut down on the vacations and start creating content. I can’t promise anything, except my bed and my mama I’m sorry. I will start blogging next week, because I am actually leaving tonight for a trip.

Ps, I write about sports and funny situations and get off topic and run with it.

Now boarding all remaining rows,
Vincent Vacation

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