Titan-Sized Teaser

So it’s San Diego Comic Con week and that means tons of exciting and nerdy-ass things going down for nerdy-ass people like myself! This morning DC dropped it’s very first trailer for its new show “Titans”, which follows Robin (perhaps becoming Nightwing), Raven, Beast boy, Starfire and others on their journey to becoming the Teen Titans and frankly just kicking some ass; and god damn if I didn’t get a halfie.

At first, based off the behind the scenes leaks I was thinking “this show might actually be worse than the Suicide Squad movie”, but if the trailer is any indication, I may excitedly be proven wrong.

It looks way darker and grittier than I anticipated, with a TV-MA rating. However, let’s hope they take advantage of that intelligently and not do things “just because they can” a la Batman v Superman. I’m a bit confused by this approach as dark and gritty was never really the ambiance of these characters overall, but I’ll give it a shot because Green Arrow’s persona wasn’t really that way and the grittier first two seasons of “Arrow” were by far the best to date. The show will be airing exclusively on the DC Streaming service, so let’s hope they utilize that well.

There are two things that stand out in this trailer. First, the aforementioned darker feel, which ties into the second stand out which is that this story will focus heavily on Raven. Also, HOW FUCKING BADASS DOES SHE LOOK?! She is one character that NEEDS to be dark and it’s looking like they MAY have nailed it better than the Romans did Jesus. That being said, I’m trying my best to not get my hopes up as WB seems to be like that parent that always tells you “maybe we’ll do *insert super fun activity* this weekend”, only to let you down when the time comes. So fingers, toes, legs, arms, and tits crossed that this show is everything it could and should be! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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