Six Possible MLB Expansion Cities, My Rank For Each City

Rob Manfred has listed six cities he would like to possibly expand the MLB too.  There are some good cities in there, some bad.  As far as baseball goes, I dont really care.  Baseball is going to fail in any city if the team is bad.  If the team is good it will do well.  Its not rocket science, it’s easy math.  Each city though is interesting and what it can bring as far as fun, excitement and interesting fan bases.  Out of the 6 places mentioned Vegas, Charlotte, Portland, Nashville, Montreal/Vancouver, Somewhere in Mexico, I rank the 6 places from first to last.

6. Portland

I have nothing against Portland.  It is a nice city, it is actually a lot of fun.  It just doesn’t get the juices flowing for me.  It will probably be an average baseball city just like it’s an average basketball city.  I’m sure when the team is good they will be great but Portland is just a basic bitch city, it comes in last on this list for that reason.

5. Charlotte

Not much different from Portland.  Fun city good times, good people honestly probably would be the best baseball city on this entire list, no doubt about that.  However, it’s not doing it for me, it doesnt get me off, it doesnt make me go from six to midnight, thats why they come in 5 on this list.

4. Some Mexico City 

Now we are talking.  Now we are in the nuts and bolts of what the fuck is going on.  You’re gonna put a team in Mexico? Who is ever going to sign their as a free agent, fuck out of here with this.  Thats exactly why they are falling in the middle of the list and not at the end.  The story line.  Imagine clean cut Mike Trout being traded to the Mexico City Luchadors in 2019, Clean cut white boy, never says a word Eagles loving Mike Trout.  Cartel members telling him he needs to strikeout to save his family, trying to drive around golf carts on his way to the stadium.  Noway that works, never in a million years! Thats exactly why I hope it happens, just to see people (white people) avoid playing there.

3. Vegas

I dont have to get much more into this then just saying “Vegas” Vegas is what it is, it’s awesome to visit and it’s awesome to party in.  The Vegas Knights proved it can be done with hockey so baseball will do great also.  It’ll be sold out stadiums of opposing fans from April to September, which will lead into the Raiders from September to December and the Golden Knights to take over again in December to Spring.  Year round, it be great.

2 Nashville

I think Nashville has made it self the ultimate go to location over the last few years because of the Predators Stanley Cup run.  Every game is a party there and I think Baseball would be no different.  I also think out of this entire list they would have the best combo of fun and fans.  Granted people only go to Preds games because they’re good, when they go they are invested from puck drop to final buzzer.

QUICK NOTE: I have the two Canada cities first dependent on if it is Montreal.  Vancouver is just Canadian Seattle.  Vancouver would fall to 5th on this list otherwise.

1. Montreal 

Montreal is an amazing place.  Quickly has become the number one spot for bachelor parties.  Strip clubs let anyone in and the drinking age is 12.  I dont really have to get much into it.  If you’re looking for a great time and want to go crazy, trust me head to Montreal.

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