Money, Money, Money, Mooney… MONEY!

A new report is out on the most valuable sports franchises in the world, and guess who’s NUMBAH ONE:

Drum roll please…


According to Forbes the Dallas Cowboys are worth a wapping 4.8 BILLION dollars! (Maybe go spend some on Earl Thomas?)

That is a crap ton of coin. (Help a brotha and a new blog our Jerry!)

Forbes “The NFL is still the dominant sport in the world’s biggest economy. Thirty-seven percent of Americans picked football as their favorite sport to watch in the latest Gallup Poll. Football is down from it’s peak of 43% a dozen years ago, but it still crushes basketball (11%), baseball (9%) and soccer (7%)”

This just shows that the shield is bullet proof. No matter how many bad stories or situations come out the NFL just shrugs it off and keep plugging along, making major coin. This is because the NFL is King, and the Dallas Cowboys are leader of that King’s pack!

Forbes “The NFL lands 29 teams among the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world (only the Bills, Bengals and Lions missed the cut from the NFL). Football ranks well ahead of basketball (8 teams), soccer (7 teams) and baseball (6 teams)”

HAHAHA… The Bills, Bengals and Lions, of course they would be the three that don’t make the list.

After the Cowboys at number one the next American team on this list would also be MY NEW YORK YANKEES coming in at number 5 worth $4 billion. Then the Pats at 6 ($3.7 billion), the Knicks at 7 ($3.6 billion), The NY Giants & LA Lakers tied for 8 ($3.3 billion) and rounding out the top 10 the Warriors & Redskins both worth $3.1 billion.

(For our many Eagles fans, the Birds come in at number 22, worth $2.65 billion. YES I KNOW… They are still SB Champs.)

We sure do love our sports teams in this county and in this world, (pay a lot for them too) and this list shows that. You nearly have to donate a kidney to take a family to a ballgame these days.

My boys have not been number one in the league for a while (a damn long while) but at least they are number one is something other than my heart! (Well #2 behind my wife of course.)

AMERICA’S RICHEST TEAM is apparently supported by America’s richest fans, or something like that.


“I want me some glory hole” -Jerry Jones

(By the way you dudes are billionaires.. Get some new barbers.)

-Kevin “That Guy”

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