How Would You Pronounce This Name: JKMNOP

So last weekend it was brought to my attention that a human on this planet has this as their real life name: Jkmnop. I was asked a simple question that I could not answer so I will turn to the readers. How would you pronounce this name?

Go ahead, take a few cracks at it…….anything yet?

Do you sound like you are talking in reverse trying to say it?

Last chance, give it one more go…….


Alright cut it out, you sound ridiculous. Your coworker in the cube next to you probably thinks you’re having a seizure.

Ready for the answer?


Noel. Yup that’s right it’s pronounced Noel. Like NO “L”. Like these parents are the worst.

I’m all for you doing whatever you want with your kid. Go ahead, get creative. You made it, you own it. With that being said. Come on!! You’re not even tying to help little baby Jkmnop have friends. Think about Christmas time, I can see the punk kids now singing their favorite carol. “Jkmnop, Jkmnop. The First Jkmnop, the Angels did say……”

Her middle name better be something like Ashley or Meghan because once she’s old enough to figure out what you’ve done to her that first name shit is out the window. Don’t turn your kid’s name into a brain teaser.

They should have really pushed the envelop and went with this:

Image result for brain teaser noel

How beautiful.

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