A Very Late Introduction

Hey guys- clearly I’m late, but I just got back from spending a week in Colorado risking my life multiple times for some good Instagram posts.

My name is Magda (mag-duh), my stage name/drunken alter-ego is Magdacious, and although I am late to the party, I’m pretty pumped to write for Branded Sports. Before I get started I do want to make something very clear- @thenickru, called me Maggie in his intro post and…

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I’m a corporate slave in NYC trying to find a way to go viral on social media so I can quit my job and live off of fit tea Instagram ads. Even my coworkers agree that I’m meant to be an internet personality with a podcast or something because the shit that comes out of my mouth needs to be heard beyond the people who sit by me every day. Or I just really need a hobby.

Anyway, Branded found my Twitter (@magdaciousss) via what I’m assuming was Barstool related, and slid into my DMs asking if I was interested in blogging (because I’m just so funny and cool, and they probably needed a girl blogger to diversity the mix of writers).  TBH, my best work is done in 280 characters or less, but I figured why the hell not? With that being said, I apologize way in advance for my cringey AF posts.

I’m going to be honest- I know nothing about sports, and will not pretend to know anything about sports (with the exception of March Madness and the Olympics). What I do know about is pop culture, celebrity gossip, viral trends on social media, the Kardashians, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and food. I’m also perpetually single, so I’m planning on having a segment of the crazy shit guys say to me (and other people) on dating apps. So if any of these topics appeal to you, keep an eye out for my posts.

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