Yesterday Was National Tattoo Day. Here’s The Worst Ones From Twitter

National tattoo day + people on Twitter = how I’m spending my evening. One man’s  trashy tattoo choice is another man’s treasure. Some of the worst I saw after the jump.

I actually kind of like this one. I like to think the shitty math was premeditated but with the rest of this guys buddy I’m guessing no.

Holy shit. 1. It looks terrible. 2. a single mother of EIGHT!! Lady, stop having unprotected sex with strangers!

These types of tattoos are always a bad choice. This literally could say anything. “Fat Duck” or “Comcast Cable” or “Yellow Cranberry Sauce.”

Image result for death becomes herThis is a shitty tattoo from a shitty movie and it doesn’t even look decent. What in the world is was this lady thinking.

Lastly we have this, yup it’s a beetle. Not like John, Ringo, Paul and the other guy. Like a dung beetle. And he’s so proud of it that I kind of respect him for it. Thank you tattoo god for National Tattoo day. Only 364 more days until next year.

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