New York subway, you never seem to disappoint.–d/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ordi7p09cwzv

All kidding aside, fuck this guy. This is the biggest asshole I’ve ever seen. I hope his bike or scooter catches on fire. You can’t ride transportation with another form of transportation. Sorry it’s raining out, you’re the douche that decided to purchase turquoise bike as an adult. Now get your bike and get back in the street.

Also IF you are going to be the biggest piece of shit in NYC, which is no small feat, and take your bike on the subway at least have the decency to move out of the way. This lady already has accepted her fate of being stuck on a subway car with you at least let her in. Hell offer her a seat on the back, maybe you two will turn out to be soulmates. This could make for a classic 90’s romantic comedy. Boy meets girl, the car is jam packed and he offers her a seat on his Ducati. She blushes and accepts. The doors open a few minutes later, she looks at him and says “this is my stop.” He looks back at her “mine too.” She wraps her arms around his frail, drug ridden body and they peel off into the sunset.

Cue the music

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