I’m Not Sure If I Hate Kevin Or Not

Ever since Branded Sports launched I’ve been in a group text getting to know my new co-workers.  One person I have talked to a bunch other than Joe has been Kevin @kmess22  He wrote a blog the other day EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT GUY.  It was pretty funny, I actually enjoyed it.  Kevin is from New Jersey and is a Cowboys fan, a Yankees fan and a Notre Dame fan.  Now I’ll let him slide on Notre Dame.  I am a huge Miami Hurricanes fan and we put Notre Dame in our back pocket last year.  We treated them like dirt and rubbed their face in dog shit all night.  I feel bad for him because he had to watch that.  He is also a Yankees fan, by nature he is gross.  Yankees fans are disgusting vial animals who should be put in cages and shot dead on scene.  They are the scum of the earth and I hate them.  He is also a Cowboys fan.  Now for my Opinion on that, Read here. I will not comment further on that.  But I really got thinking more and more, do I like Kevin or do I hate him?

I had to think a little bit harder.  I looked at Kevins twitter bio.  “I’m “That Guy” from New Jersey who’s a Cowboys, Yankees & Notre Dame fan & has a hot wife. Love me, Hate me, but come laugh with me at   I made my statements on the sports teams he chooses to love, but how about that ending “& has a hot wife”  Holy Shit! What a fucking ass hole, he actually uses “&” instead of “and” Insane.  I’m pretty sure the only people using “&” are authors and those cunts over at deadspin.  Dont worry I do have a comment about the part that says hot wife.  I am not blind i saw it.  Now as a 27 year old man who has had the sexual life of a god damn greek god, i gotta say… shes pretty hot.  I mean, spot the lie, can you? I cant.

Kevin is so in your face and honest about his heinous love for his Cowboys, Yankees, and Fighting Irish his crazy use of “&” and just throws his hot wife in your face for good measure that I cant help but respect him.  Now all of that being said, I would have Kev in my foxhole any day of the week.  He is a team guy, he is a team player and a great person to get to know, however…. Kevin is clearly a crazy person, I’m really not sure if he is going to cut my skin off and wear it for halloween or if he is just a friendly person, but I’m happy to be on his team, and look forward to one day having Branded Sports in an office somewhere making money, making memories and making more money on top of the other money.  I dont know what your problem is yet Kevin, but God bless.

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