Model Being Praised For Breastfeeding Her Baby On The Runway

I’m so torn on this subject. My wife is weeks, really moments away from becoming a mother and breast feeding is now a normal conversation for us. How so much as changed in a year.

Now I am team breastfeed. Ladies, don’t feel weird about breastfeeding in public, you do you girl. I have a new found respect for any woman that can have and raise a baby. You ladies are walking miracles. I could NEVER do it. If it was up to man to birth children there wouldn’t be 7.6 billion people on Earth. There would be like 200,000 max. Word would spread quickly on that shit and every guy in the world would be like, “Nah, I’m good.” So you keep doing you ladies. But this…..

This just seems a little forced right? I feel like they are trying to just use a baby to make some internet waves. Which the more I think about it, more I’m cool with it. I don’t get why here in American we shame breastfeeding in the first place. Plop it out and go to work mama.

And if her baby was hungry, needed to eat and it was time to strut your stuff, than that is some baddass modeling. That is how you mom in 2018. Never back down, never surrender. BUT if she was using her own baby for a publicity stunt…ehhhhhh..I don’t love that. But I’m also not going to sit here and tell anyone how to parent. I’m not a dad yet and when I do become a dad odds are this woman is going to be 100000x a better parent than me. Final ruling, I’m cool with this but worth some Tuesday conversation.

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