HBO’s Robin Williams Documentary Is A MUST See

Last night I just so happened to stumble upon HBO’s documentary, “Come Inside My Mind” about Robin Williams’ life. I had no idea it was premiering last night and luckily caught it just as it was starting.

First reaction, wow. It’s amazing. I’d even call it perfect. For anyone in their early 30’s Robin Williams was a childhood hero. Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hook, Aladdin and Flubber are all first ballot hall of fame kid’s movies. He was a huge part of my childhood and one of the reasons I love movies. I can’t wait to watch Aladdin with my kid and relive those moments with him or her.

He also did great serious roles as well. Every kid in school at one point watched Dead Poets Society when their teacher decided they didn’t want to go through their lesson plan that day. He was an inspiration in that as the shocking English teacher. And a movie I consider as one of the greatest films of all time, Good Will Hunting. Robin Williams was undeniably unbelievable.

The documentary is very in depth, it takes you through his entire career and personal life. Williams was clearly fighting many demons through out his life but he always kept a smile and kept everyone else smiling as well. It really hit home with me because I too love that feeling of making people laugh and smile. He describes it as a sort of high which I can relate to. Now, I of course am no where near as funny as Williams was but I connected with him in that way.

So find two hours and on-demand this film. It will make you laugh, it may even make you cry (I didn’t but I was pretty damn close.) “Come Inside My Mind” was the perfect microcosm of one of the world’s greatest comedians lives. Thank you Marina Zenovich for putting this together and thank you Robin Williams for being you. RIP

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