Deadspin Continues Weird Obsession With Barstool

Deadspin “Barstool Sports recently hired Michael McCarthy, who ran a site called back in the early days of blogging.”

“Here’s how McCarthy introduced himself to Barstool’s readers last month:

For the uninitiated, I am not raunchy, but I am inappropriate at times. Even so, I don’t discriminate… I don’t like anyone. So if you feel I am being too tough on Italians*, just give it a sec, and I will eventually get to the Irish**. And don’t get me started on the fucking J*ws*** (can I say that? I’ll ask).

“McCarthy, who is now in his 40s, has been writing pretty frequently at the site while putting forward the persona of Middle-Aged Edgelord Who Wants To Tell You All About The Huge Steak He Ate Last Night.”

Oh Deadspin, can we say Deadspin? Are they going to send us a cease and desist as well? Let’s call them Ed Pin just in case, I don’t have nearly the bank roll Dave Portnoy does to defend myself. Who Ed Pin editor is referring to here is a delightful man known as Large. But this is Ed Pin 101. Pick and choice things he said and spin them. What was left out here was the paragraph right after this where Large goes on to say:

“And if your thin skin takes anything I write to heart, than I invite you to never return to this site again.”

Aka….IT’S A JOKE. Comedy/satire sites are built to make people laugh. How do you make people laugh? You make jokes. If Ed Pin thinks Large is the first person on the planet to make a joke at a race of people good lord wake the fuck up. How can someone really be this dense. Wait……..


Ooooohhhh, we’re dealing with a cat person over here. That’ a tough look, hate to see that. Ed Pin is a dying site full of nerds like this cat loving fella that doesn’t understand the basic concept of jokes. No wonder why Dave and the rest of Barstool is being valued for $100 million and Ed Pin can barely be sold for $1 million. Or not sold…I have no idea anymore.

Now excuse me as I have to go hop on Amazon Prime to help Portnoy complete his internet take over of your sorry existence.

Ps. Can’t wait to see Dave walk through the halls of Ed Pin like Ari fucking Gold

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