Cats in the Cradle & The Pro Athletes

After watching the HR Derby last night and seeing how badass Sir. Mr. Ron Harper is (he said fuck those kids in the outfield I’m throwing heat and Bryce your hitting bombs.) It got me thinking what are my power rankings of top father/child athletes of all time?

Just missing the top 5 power ranking list are:

Joe & Kobe Bryant “Joe Jellybean & Black Mamba”

Bobby & Barry Bonds

Muhammad & Laila Ali

Calvin & Grant Hill (duh Calvin was a Cowboy)

Now… Agree, disagree, I don’t care but here are my top 5 father/child pro athlete teams of all time:

5. Bobby & Brett Hull: BOTH in the hockey hall of fame & 20 NHL ALL-STAR appearances between them.

4. Dale Earnhardt & Dale Jr: Dale Sr. “The Intimidator” was what racing is all about. He was scary, didn’t care & won 7 Championships. Dale Jr. never lived up to his father’s legacy but was a hell of a racer at the right tracks “Dayton 500” and is still (even now retired) one of NASCAR’s most popular people!

3. Archie & Peyton/Eli Manning: Archie was a heck of a QB, just played on some terrible Saints teams. I hate giving Eli any kind of credit but he does have 2 Super Bowl Championships. Peyton is the man, 14 Pro Bowls (20 between all 3) 2 Super Bowls and is just so damn lovable! I..Think..You..Agree with me. (Sing it)

2. Marty, Gordy & Mark Howe: SI.comHall of Famer Gordie, otherwise known as “Mr. Hockey”, played 25 years for the Detroit Red Wings, winning six scoring titles and six MVP awards. In 1973, he came out of retirement at age 45 to play with his sons in the WHA, where they led the Houston Aeros to two championships. They later skated on the NHL’s 1979-80 Hartford Whalers. Gordie played 32 pro seasons in all, finally retiring at age 52. Mark had a distinguished 16-year NHL career, 10 of them with Philadelphia.” -nuff said.

And my number one all time father/child Team is:

1. Ken Sr & Ken Griffey Jr: Jr still to this day has the sweetest swing I have ever seen. The backwards hat, the smile, the trot… Damn he was a ballplayer. Sr. made 3 All-Star Games, Jr. made 13 and Jr is in the HOF. But to cap it all off.. In 1990 while BOTH playing for the Mariners they hit back to back home runs. (Only father son duo to ever do that) MIC DROP.

That’s the list… Come at me if you don’t like it.

Kevin “That Guy”

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