4 Boys In Europe Become The Biggest Losers Of All Time, Hated By Anyone With A Brain And Heart

Via the Daily Mirror “A heartwarming video shows the moment four boys at a sports day race cross the line in unison – so they could all share the title.

Sam Bell, James Hodson, Dylan Goddard and Ben Drysdale are only four boys in Year 4 at Digby CoE primary School in Digby, Lincolnshire.

They hatched a plan to cross the line together so James and Dylan, who have never won the yearly race, could have a share of the glory.

Ben or Sam have won every race at the yearly event, meaning James ad Dylan have had to miss out.

But this summer, the boys decided to make sure they all crossed the line at the same time, so they could all be declared the winners, reports LincolnshireLive”

So these four boys decided to rig the race so they could finish together?  And the world is going to say “Oh how cute!” “These boys are great” “This is what sports are all about”  I say NO! FUCK THAT!  These kids are straight up bums.  No shock they are from Europe.  This is why Europe cant win the world cup.  They’ve got no heart.  They’ve got no fire no will no sense of selfworth.  Let me tell you folks why this would never happen in America.

America is a place where we have drafts to pick our sports teams.  Some kids make it some dont.  Some get picked in the first round some get picked in the last.  Imagine if Baker Mayfield let Jaquan Johnson share his first round pick so he could feel special.  That be a disgrace.  We actually take 19 and 20 year old kids and judge them on everything they do in front of the nation!  We dont hold back what we say, we tweet them mean things, and despite the 0.1% chance of making it to the NFL, the player picked last is named “Mr.Irrelevant”.  We do these things to our athletes at a young age.  In Europe they dont even try so they can share a trophy.

God forbid we ever have another World War and these phonies are out to protect us.  That would be the end.  These guys storming the beaches of Normandy? They’d never survive and we would never win.  Im disgusted that they are not being shamed and stoned in public.

Let me tell you folks a little story about a young Nick Ru.  Growing up one of my best friends was a great athlete.  He played QB for our Pee-Wee football team.  He was the center for every hockey team we played for growing up and he could just about do whatever he wanted on the diamond.  He was great.  He was drafted in the 7th round by the Nationals after a great college baseball career at the University of Delaware.  I could never keep up with him.  I would have a 30 save shutout game when we played hockey.  He would have 4 goals and get all the attention.  During football I would rush for 3 scores and catch another.  He’d throw for 4 and run in 2.  He was so great and never once did anything to share the spotlight, nor should he have.  So what did I do? I worked my ass off and got better and better and you know what, I never was better than him.  But if he had not always been great, I would have never gotten better.

And thats the moral of the story.  These kids are stoping each other form being great.  Thats fine because they aren’t Americans.  We dont allow that here.  We dont allow this kind of gross disgusting sportsmanship.  You either Win or you dont.  And if you dont you try harder to win next time.  I think the only thing that is fair for a punshiment is to have these kids parents thrown in jail for life, force them to survive on their own and kill for food.  Thats how they’ll learn.  It’s the only way.

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