Steph Curry Continues To Be Everyone’s Favorite Athlete By Jumping In A Lake

Everyone on planet Earth loves Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. They have made the NBA the best it’s ever been the fans can’t stop talking about their success. If you’re not rooting for an 82-0 team you’re just not doing it right.

They are all so lovable. You have Draymond Green, the definition of passion, heart and soul. He’s willing to do anything for his team. Ain’t no “I” in Draymond. Then there is Kevin Durant, is he not the best sports story ever? From being held back all those years in OKC to finding people that actually support him and let him thrive in Golden State. It’s an amazing journey from rags to riches.

And finally Steph Curry aka everyone’s favorite little brother. He is the greatest shooter of all time, he’s won like a million championships already and he stays humble through all of it. And remember that time he gave that fan his mouthpiece? Right in the middle of the 4th quarter of game 6 of the NBA Finals Steph finds time to be charitable. He’s amazing.

Adding to his legacy this weekend Steph made a bet with his dad that whomever finished worse in the American Century Golf Championship would have to jump in lake Tahoe. Steph came pretty close to winning, needed to sink this shot.




Can you say splash brothers LOLOLOLOLOLOL See what I did there??

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