RIP Ray Emery

RMNB “On Sunday, photojournalist Andrew Collins reported that the victim of an early morning drowning at Hamilton Harbor, Ontario was Ray Emery, the former NHL goalie. 35-year-old Emery was swimming with friends at the harbor and never surfaced.”

Insanely shocked and saddened by the news to break yesterday. 35-years old is so young and the Razor had plenty of life left to live. He was one of the toughest goalies to ever play and even though he only played 3 seasons in Philadelphia I was a huge Emery fan. Any time I played NHL video games, the first thing I’d do is trade for Ray Emery. Chicago fans will always remember him for that insane run during 2012-13 season when he went 17-1 with a 1.94 goals against average. I’ll remember him for being a tough son of a bitch that never backed down from anyone or anything. And also for beating the living hell out of Braden Holtby.

RIP Razor Ray

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