Power Ranking The Trophies

As the World Cup just finished up yesterday it got me thinking, is the World Cup trophy the worst trophy in all sports?

5. World Cup: Hands down the worst trophy of all time. World Cup trophy stinks out loud. It’s one of, if not THE biggest sporting event that comes every 4 years and the winner gets this tiny piece of shit. Are you serious FIFA? Even the MLS trophy is better than what the World Cup trophy. I’ve played in wiffle ball tournaments that had a better grand prize. Time to make a change FIFA, why not just a diamond the shape and size of a soccer ball or futbol…whatever.

4. Larry O’Brien: It breaks my heart to say this because of my love for basketball but the LOB trophy completely sucks. Even MJ couldn’t make it look cool. Michael brought the Looney Toons back from the dead but couldn’t do anything to save this piss poor excuse for a trophy.

3. Commissioner’s Trophy: First off biggest knock against the trophy is the name. Worst name in sports but the design is pretty sweet. Baseball is the one sport that kind of just has always done it’s own thing for about a million years. DH, unwritten rules and an out of wack playoff system, baseball doesn’t care how other sports are evolving. So of course the crown jewel is going to have flags and shit all over it. Baseball gonna baseball.

2. The Lombardi: Football is king and the Lombardi is the King’s crown. It’s so simple that it’s perfect. Also fun fact, the thing only weighs 7 lbs but costs $50,000 to make, who know?

1. Lord Stanley’s Cup: There isn’t any cooler awarded in the world for anything than the Stanley Cup. You should be able to drink booze out of every trophy for every sport. Should be rule #1 when creating a trophy. The other awesome thing about the Cup is that everyone gets a day with it to do whatever they want. If you’re a 20-something year old single dude and you get a day with the Stanley Cup, you bring it to a club and pick a girl to bang. Anyone you want, she is yours. Why #BecauseItsTheCup

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