Mark Canha Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

Saturday night Mark Canha hit a pinch hit home run to give the Oakland A’s a 4-3 lead over the Giants. As he was making his way to first he gave a little bat flip. And I mean so little that you’d miss it if you weren’t looking for it.

That is literally nothing and the fact people were upset about it is bananas to me. Baseball purest are the absolute worst. They are like hardcore cyclist or vegans. Everyone knows baseball is can be insanely boring and it needs things like more bat flips. After the game they asked Canha about the “incident” and he gave the perfect answer.

PREACH!! Get me a team full Mark Canhas’. We might not win much but at least you can’t call us soft. More bat flips and actually more aggressive bat flips. Tie C4 to the end of your bat, toss it in the air and turn that puppy into a wooden firework. If you can hit a ball that is moving 100 mph you should flip off the pitcher the entire time rounding the bases. Kings doing king things.

Hit it Jose

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