I Tried Anyday Rose For The First Time…. Here Is My Review

Many readers of this site are aware of our Barstool fandom.  Further more many are aware of the Philly connection to myself and others who are apart of this site.  With Philly and Barstool a main connection is Louis Roberts or as he came to be known at Barstool, Lightswitch Lou @Buddyloveless.  Between his Philadelphia sports fandom and his ever dying love for Harry Stamper savior of Earth Lou left Barstool to follow his dream and create a Rose called “Anyday Rose” I decided to buy some.  In a few weeks my friends and I are headed to AC for a two day party.  Some beach, some gambling, some clubbing the whole thing.  I thought well, why not buy and bring some Anyday Rose.  Give it a try and see how it is as I am a supporter of Philadelphia business owners.

Here is my full review.


The anyday rose site anydayrose.com has buying options.  I went with a case of 24, it gives you special deals depending on the amount you buy.  After your selection you have different payment options.  Paypal and Venmo.  It was simple.  Click venmo, pay the amount you ordered, dont put in a card or anything (assuming your venmo is set up) and as quick as it is ordered it ships.  I ordered mine on Tuesday.  I got it today on Friday.


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.11.47 PM

Special thanks to @GinaMitchelll for being our hand model on this.  I would have taken it myself however, I bite my nails and my nail polish is chipping a way.  I also don’t have a pool to make a great background.  Anyway the label and package is gorgeous.  The colors are inviting, the font is beautiful, when you see it you almost assume it will taste great.  It is one of the nicest labels I have ever come across.  Not to mention the “247365” in between an apple at the top looks great as well as it is written in words at the bottom.  Lou and company did amazing with this, great job by them.

The most important part of the review..

TASTE: A++++

I popped the top.  I slowly poured the can of rose into a glass.  The pink liquid poured out into my glass as if a waterfall of pink gold was falling into my challas of refinement.  The liquid filled my glass to the top, the Rose was calm and still at the tip of my glass.  I could smell the citris hops on my nose like a symmphany was rocking the theatre of my glands.  I picked the glass up as it headed towards my lips anxiously awaiting the first taste.  The Rose hit my lips smoother than Michael Jackson moonwalking across a stage.  It went down my gullet like Lesean McCoy hitting a hole (not his girlfriend) and breaking one (not her nose) for 50 yards.  I kept on sipping it as if it was water on a hot summer day.  The taste the feeling the aroma.  I felt like i was mid Romance novel with myself.  Before I knew it I was one glass of Rose down.  The only thing I could think about was having another, so I did, and two more after that.  I felt the perfect buzz hit me as i got into my bed as this is being written on a Friday night and I am alone.  I beat myself like a dead rapper would beat his baby mom.

That is my review of Anyday Rose.  Easy to purchase, beautiful design, amazing taste.  There is not much more you can ask for from a company.  I will be purchasing more soon and look forward to my next drink.  Overall Anyday Rose gets an impossible A++++ I suggest you buy yours now.  The only difference between buying it now and buyintg it at a later date is you’ll already be a few days behind on getting it.  Trust me you dont want that.  Nothing gets a woman more into you than some fine Rose.



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