Uber To Start Taking Venmo For Cheap People

Full disclosure, I don’t live in the city. I’m the classic 30 year old suburb white guy that goes into the city for sporting events, dinner and bar hopping. That’s it. So I don’t Uber as much as you city slickers and don’t know Uber edict.

But this…..

Splitting Ubers? Is this really that big of a problem that Venmo needed to get involved? Who is splitting Ubers in the first place? Just someone pay and the other someone get the next one. Boom, I just fixed Uber. You go to the bar with your buddy, you go up to the bar, you ask your buddy what he wants to drink, you order those things, you pay and then your buddy says “I got next round.”

Just do the same thing here. Unless your friends are all noncontributing assholes just take turns. Also Ubers are cheap as hell. If $8.74 is going to break the bank maybe going out with your friends in the first place is not the best idea. Listen I’m not going to tell you how to live just trying to help keep that money in your pocket and stop you from looking like a cheap weirdo. You’re welcome.

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