Dom Dwyer Has To Divorce His Wife Immediately

Dom Dwyer is an English born pro soccer player that also plays for the US Men’s National Team. I have no idea how that works but soccer also let’s you play when times up so let’s go with it.

England’s slogan this World Cup was “It’s Coming Home.” After Croatia shell shocked England, Dom was a little upset and took to Twitter with the tweet below.

Understand the heart break, looked like England was destined to play France in the final. But he should kind of be used to this by now. England always finds a way to blow it. Remember that 5-hole fumble 2010 World Cup?

Year after year of that type of nonsense should numb a sports fan. Just look at Met’s fans, they don’t even give a shit anymore. The team bats out of order and fans are just like “Yeah, just another day.”

Now with all that being said the one person that has to have your back is your wife. Contractually she is supposed to be your ride or die. You hit someone with your car and she helps you bury the body. That’s what love is all about. Dom’s wife, Sydney Leroux is not ride or die. Which is surprising because she has that bad bitch look to her.

Image result for Sydney Leroux

Image result for Sydney Leroux

Side note, when I was in middle school I went through this phase where I only found chicks like this attractive. Sorry Becky, Amanda and Kim, I was all about the Sydney, Victoria and Isabellas of the world.

Anyway, so Dom is in the dumps, tkaes to Twitter and he’s wife responses in under two hours with this.

Marriage over. You can never trust this women ever again. She just took your heart out of your chest and slapped it around with her gold medal. Dom you didn’t deserve this type of treatment and I will not let this go until you have justice.

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Nick Santos
Nick Santos
September 26, 2021 10:40 pm

What a fucking stupid article this is