I’m Triggered

Alright, let’s dance Chris Reed of the San Diego Union Tribute.

You think you can just casually throw this out there and it isn’t going to come back to bite you…yeah PUN INTENDED!! Talk shit get bit!

So let’s take a look at some of your nonsense in this “article” of yours. Reed writes:

” 2015 story in Wired magazine detailed the considerable research showing that humans care more about their pets than other humans. It included a statistic about family life that seems more perverse and disheartening the more you think about it. According to a survey by the American Animal Hospital Association …

… 40 percent of married female dog owners reported they received more emotional support from their pet than from their husband”

40% of married female dog owners?? No 1000000% of female dog owners. My wife loves our dog more than she will ever love me and honestly I completely understand. Look at the two of us side by side.


I can’t compete with that! Look at that smile, the flow, he’s perfect and I’m a walking train wreck. So if you expect my wife to love me as much as him, you’re insane. When she comes home Max’s head nearly explodes and when I come home I barely get a “Hey.”

Chris goes on to say: “Lavishing animals that don’t appreciate luxury goods with luxury goods seems nutty. None other than famous dog trainer Cesar Millan has written that not only are dogs generally not picky eaters, many will gobble up “anything offered by a human.”

Hey Chris what do you see there? That is Max again throwing hay-makers at your terrible points. That is only the finest corn the great state of Pennsylvania has to offer and look at his eating approach. He executes with surgeon like technique. And Cesar Millan can go get bent.

I will not sit here and let anyone tarnish the name of man’s best friend. Especially someone that eats eggs on a stick. The only thing worse than your animal takes are your eating habits.

If any of you would like to reach out to Chris and tell him what you think @ChrisReed99 on twitter.

So congrats Chris




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July 12, 2018 12:52 pm

Love it! Also appreciate the fact that you embrace your wife’s adoration of the pup because…dog love. What else can I say. You guys are awesome and all but those eyes…