I Can’t Be The Only Person That Didn’t Know Blow Hard Skip Bayless Has An Awesome Brother, Right?

Yesterday on Twitter I saw someone make a joke about Rick Bayless, some chef that was related to Skip Bayless. So I got on Google and low and behold Skip does have a brother named Rick that is a chef and he’s also the man.

I can’t be the only person on the planet that didn’t know this, right? I refuse to believe that is the case. I know Cardi B’s baby name yesterday but I didn’t know one of sports biggest talk show pricks has a famous brother. Can’t be alone here.

Skip, for those that don’t know, is quite possibly the worst human out there. Everything he says/does is just for shock and that is why I haven’t seen an episode of Undisputed. He is the prototype for what these big companies like ESPN and FS1 want now a days. So imagine my shock when I find out that not only does he have a brother and he’s brother is the total opposite.

Skip is known for things like this:

Rick on the other hand is known for things like this:

He’s starting foundations, building amazing restaurants and giving away free taco recipes. Take some notes Skip. You want to put some smiles on faces, you make some tacos. Tacos = smiles. It’s an equation that always works. Next time I’m in Chicago you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to a Rick Bayless ran establishment.

Rick is out here trying to single handily save the Bayless family name. It’s one hell of an uphill battle and I wish him the absolute best. In the meantime here’s the video of Skip debating himself that is most likely going to come to fruition once cloning is perfected.


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