Everybody knows… “That Guy”

What’s up everybody?  My name is Kevin Messina, been best friends with Joe Pop since our lax bro days in college.  (yeah thats right I said it… lax bro) I’m currently writing this with the Yankees on my TV, a Cowboys pillow pet on my lap, wearing a Notre Dame Football shirt.  Yup… I’m that guy.

Nope… Never lived in Texas.  (From NJ and currently live in the Philly suburbs, yeah this hasn’t been a good year for me)  Nope… Never went to Notre Dame.  (Ok, I’m a short Irish/Italian kid who relates to RUDY get off my back) Now for the Yanks, this one makes sense.  I grew up in a mystical place known as Central New Jersey, smack in the middle between NYC & Philly… My mother is a beautiful Italian woman from North Jersey and it was you root for the Yanks or you get the fuck outta the house.  (back then it wasn’t taboo to get the wooden spoon, so it was LETS GO YANKS) and it stuck.

I also have a hot wife and I’ll brag about it all day.  If you are married and don’t think your wife is super hot whats the point?  Am I right?  (here comes more of me being “That Guy”) Guess where we went on our honeymoon… Yup Bora Bora, WHO GOES TO BORA BORA… This guy.  I’ve also taken a pill in Ibiza (Advil), been to a Super Bowl, met Emmitt Smith twice and rode the jetskis in Cabo bro!  Hate me yet?

Now that you may hate me, heres where you might think hmm maybe he’s not “that bad”.  I was adopted, my dad is gay, I bleed RED WHITE & BLUE, I coach lax to kids (back to back 7th/8th grade champions… No big deal), my wife is an Eagles fan and reminds me EVERY.  DAY.  They are the Super Bowl Champs, so I’m serving my asshole Cowboys fan penance.  But all in all I know how to make fun of myself and I pride myself on being an objective sports fan and give credit where credit is do.  *vomiting in my mouth* “The Eagles are the best team in football.”

IMG_2302 Now join us on this Branded Sports ride… I promise it’s going to be a fun, smart, informative and a ton of laughs.  I’m going to leave you with the three quotes I live my life by:

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant lose” -The Greatest Coach of all time, Coach Eric Taylor

“If ya aint first your last” -Ricky Bobby

“You don’t have time to think up there.  If you think, you’re dead” -Maverick (Yeah Top Gun is also my favorite movie but thats for another day.)

Check me out on Twitter @kmess22

You will all hate that you love me soon.

Kevin “That Guy” Messina

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