Science Ruins Women’s ‘Peegasms’

Daily Mail “Women are giving themselves ‘peegasms’ in a bizarre new sex trend. Fans are claiming they are achieving solo orgasms by urinating after holding it in. 

Doctors warn that peegasms can only be achieved if the bladder is holding urine for longer than normal, which is a cause of infections. Due to women being more prone to cystitis than men, medics add the bizarre act should be avoided by all, even those who are healthy.”

What a time to be alive. Women are out here holding on to their pee so they can achieve an orgasm. Sad to see science come in and ruin another new trend. As a man that has had the pleasure of a ‘Pee Shiver’ a few times in my day, I am all for the ‘Peegasm’ movement. #PeeToo

Ladies don’t listen to science. Science says women aren’t as strong as men, I give you exhibit A. Look at her, she’s stronger than any man I know. Don’t let Albert Eisenstein or Neil deGrasse Tyson tell you you can’t do something.

Image result for muscle women

So keep holding you pee and going to the bathroom in groups and come out giggling. You do you ladies. Because science is a liar…sometimes.


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