LeBron James Is Possibly The Most Evil Man Alive

LeBron James tweeted this out yesterday leaving many people to think he was showing up to a pizza party. LeBron James got people so excited they spent 4 hours in line waiting for James to show. In 95 degree heat waiting for their hero, the greatest Laker of all time some may say. Not me, though ….I’m positive it’s Magic Johnson………

Anyway, LeBron never showed tricking his long time loyal and loving LA fans, it’s a despicable and disgusting action from the self proclaimed king, it’s criminal! What if someone died of heat stroke just waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite LA Laker of all time? Would LeBron be held legally accountable? I think so.

Now many people are accusing me of being salty because of this

But that’s not true, do I think LeBron having his people meet with the Sixers and having Bret Brown fly out to LA for a cup of coffee even though he would never play here a dooshbag ass hole move? Yes I do, do I let that impact my journalistic integrity of how I feel about a player? Of course not I never have biased opinions nor do I let the gross and disgusting actions of an athlete effect my opinion. I am just telling this how it is.

LeBron James trucking the long time loyal Lakers and LeBron fans to thinking he would be at this pizza place and not showing is criminal. It’s an act that is equal to that of the worst crimes in this great nations history. It quite frankly makes me wonder if LeBron James is a true American if he is a true patriot, I say he is not. He is a criminal of the highest regard because of this, a bigger scumbag there is not, I say for the record all who are listening #NotMyGoat

I see no lies.

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