Want To Make Your Skin Crawl?

It’s been slow going news wise the past couple days. Great time to start a website Joe.

But the one story everyone around the world is talking about is this Thai football team that got lost in a cave. Luckily they were all rescued today after spending 18 days in the cave. 18!!
It took a group of Navy Seals, including one doctor that stayed in the cave with the boys for a week to get everyone out safe. Check out this video of the cave and what they had to crawl through to get there.

Nope, not a chance, no, sorry. Just watching that gave me a hemorrhoid. That video was 76 seconds long, felt like a month. I am waaaaaaaay too much of a pussy to do any of that. Hats off to these guys because if those boys were relying on my “bravery” to go in there and save them. Well they’d end up as skeletons left for the Goonies to find them while searching for treasure.


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