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Today is the day.  Launch day, it’s an exciting time for those of us who have decided to jump on the ship after many many months of planning to get this up off the ground.  A little bit about how i got here.

My guy Joe @JPopo07  on twitter sent me a DM, said he thought my tweets were funny and he saw some blogs i had written and wanted to know if I was in to start a site with him and a few other people.  I saw he is a local Philly guy so I knew I couldn’t trust him, but i went with my gut and decided to give Joe a shot.  He kept me in the loop and we stayed in contact, months and months went by and the site had yet to be up.  I started to get worried because I was pretty excited to start something with Joe and what would come to be called “Branded Sports”@branded_sports on twitter.

Finally Joe said the site was ready, we would be launching July 9th 2018.  I’m sure the other bloggers will tell more about themselves and where they come from but I was excited right away to be apart of a great team.  Joe already had the podcast going @SendItRadio and he grabbed a New York blogger a Cali blogger and even a female blogger.  He decided to get ahead of the curve follow the Barstool model in which we are all fans of.  Im sure Maggie @magdaciousss  will probably be the only one to become famous out of this and good for her.

Anyway, about me.  I got into starting my own blog about 5 years ago, because I had a huge love for Barstool Sports.  I loved what they wrote i loved reading it I wanted to do it for fun so I interviewed Tiff Bannister helped her start her career in porn, no big deal, huge big deal, got a solid amount of views sold a few T-Shirts (Literally a few, like 4 at the most) and then fell off the face of the earth.  I over time tried to bring the blog back, would write a few things here and there, did a few mercenary jobs for some publications and I winded up here with Branded.  I asked Joe if we were focusing on just sports.  I love sports, I love writing about the Eagles and one of my favorite past times is bashing the Flyers.  They are a loser franchise with a loser mentality and I will no longer stand for it.  However my most popular blogs when i ran my former site “My Outhouse” in this order were

  1. “Tiff Bannister has a boyfriend and ya’ll broads cant get a text back?” (With facial picture in blog) Facial as in cum shot to the face if you didnt get that
  2. ” My favorite things about porn”
  3. “50 Things men thing about during a blow job”
  4. “10 Movies that make you cry”
  5. “Tiff Banister Did Interracial Porn Her Boyfriend Is Dead” (Also with a facial in the blog”

I know the movies blog doesnt match the rest but people love a good cry.  My point being, I may love sports but my best work is dirty work, I go out and I write about things other people are afraid to write about.  I’ll talk about porn, sex and drugs because quite frankly, it’s just easier to make jokes and in depth sports blogs where you have to sound smart and make sense and a point is to much work, but alas Joe did not care.  He told me to be funny create art and post some shit that people will like.  He didn’t care if i agreed with his point, or we were on the same page, he just wants me to be me.  I said Joe…. You fucking got it.  Now I’m here with Branded Sports and I’ll talk sports, and I’ll also talk sex because we dont have advertisers yet and I cant cost us any money.  Lets go mother fuckers, lets get this party started.


Hit my music!

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