Pam Beasley Is The Worst Of All Time… An In Depth Look

There are few TV comedy shows that really make people laugh out loud.  There are some funny ones at times.  Some funny characters (Joey from Friends) However, for every show like Friends there are so few shows like “Always Sunny” “Seinfeld” and of course “The Office”  Shows where you remember entire episodes entire lines and scenes that you rewatch hundreds of times and they remain funny.  Shows like that have a universal acceptance such as Frank Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond makes the show.  Mac and Charlie in Always Sunny are the best combo.  You can argue things like that back and forth but for the most part, we all agree.  For some reason I cant figure out, people love Pam.  They love the idea of Jim and Pam, think Pam is cute and she is this sweet innocent character.  Well I am putting my foot down.  No more, it is time to have a discussion about Pam Beasley being the WORST character in The Office and on TV.

Lets go over the facts.

FACT 1:  Pam would often flirt and play mind games with Jim while she was with Roy.  Touching and being cute, looking at him in a sexual way.  She would confuse Jim, play with his heart, she knew what she was doing and she didnt stop.

FACT 2: She loved to make Roy look like the bad guy or like he was doing something wrong, and broke his heart not once but twice.  Pam loved to make it seem like Roy was evil and holding back Pam.  Was Roy the perfect fiancee, no he was not.  But what did Roy ever do that was wrong?  Nothing, he loved Pam and he tried to make it work.  How did Pam repay him?  She would flirt with Jim behind his back and weeks before the wedding decided to makeout with Jim and dump Roy without telling him.  Later on when Jim is happy with another woman Pam gets back together with Roy just because she is lonely.  She tells Roy she called off the wedding because she kissed Jim, Roy reasonably gets angry and explodes breaking Roy’s heart for the second time and dumping him over his reasonable outbust of his Fiancee cheating on him… What a stone cold bitch.

FACT 3: She made beach day all about her, big time bitch move.

FACT 4: She is not a funny person.  There are girls who are funny, Girls that make me laugh out loud who spread joy and laughter into our lives.  Pam is not one of them.  Pam never made anybody laugh.  She was a dork who tried to had and brought no sense of humor to the show and or life.  She stinks.

FACT 5: When Jim was working 7 days a week 12 hours a day starting a business for his family to have a batter life she made Jim quit and give it up to stay in Scranton.  She was only worried about herself, not her kids not her husband just her.  She was evil and wrong for that and she didnt care.  On top of that while Jim was away she sought comfort in the arms of the boom mic operator.  Pam cant survive without attention, like a vampire needs blood.

FACT 6: She was no good at her sales job, so instead of asking for help and getting better, she lied made up a job that never existed and schemed her way into a salary.  I do kind of respect this one until you realize she also failed out of Art school.  She just wasnt good at anything

FACT 7: Further proof Pam is a selfish twisted bitch.  She decided to have a destination wedding hours and hours away, and still decided to have a mental break down because of a tiny tear in her veil and make people wait 2 hours for the wedding to begin after driving to Canada FOR HER!

FACT 8: Jim was finally happy with Karen (Who also is a she devil) so Pam once Jim is happy in life with someone he loves, tells Jim how she loves him and how much he means to her, playing further mind games with Jim forcing him to make tough choices because again, Pam cant be alone

FACT 9: At one point Pam and Roy have an actual tickle fight on top of Jim basically at his desk, right there like he was a wet blanket.  Jim decides to ask the purse girl out and take her out.  Pam gives her dirty looks, says mean things and is a total and utter bitch about Jim dating her.  Despite fucking Roy with Jim as a pillow.

Ladies and Gentleman I rest my case.  This is an open and shut case.  Pam Beasley is awful, she sucks.  She is rude and mean and selfish.  I imagine Jim has caught on at this point and has dumped her, left her for dead, thats what I would do.  Pam stinks, she always has and always will.


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