Is Twitter using this picture of Altuve the most disrespectful thing you’ve ever seen?

Last night MLB released their NL & AL All-Star rosters, as you’d expect it started trending on twitter.  As you might not have expected, Twitter decided to slap Jose Altuve square in the dick.

Trout altu

Will you look at this? How dare you Twitter disrespect a man-child making his 6th All-Star appearance with this picture? Jose looks like a high school freshmen asking one of the seniors how to get the nerdy girl in science class to send him nudes. Twitter, you should be ashamed of yourself. And what’s worse, you know seeing this is going to make people google “Altuve Judge Side By Side.”

Which will result in this:


How in the world do BOTH of these humans play in the same league. Bonkers.

Ps. Judge and Stanton not participating in the Home Run Derby should be illegal. Both top 10 in dingers, need them in the derby.

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