If Dave Portnoy Buys Deadspin Is He Now Responsible For Their Mistreatment Of Women?

This weekend Dave Portnoy tweeted out a very interesting question

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 11.21.20 PM

Of course the answer is yes.  Dave should buy deadspin and make all the little loud mouth lying losers there dance.  Would it be funny, in theory yes but in reality no.  Nobody that works at deadspin is funny.  Dave as talented as he is could not make those bums entertaining.  However there is something fun about watching a live execution and a cringeworthy massacre.

But, the thought of Dave buying Deadspin got me thinking.  Would Dave now be in trouble for the years and years of deadspin mistreating woman?  Would the detractors of the world now be able to call Dave a scumbag sexual abuser?  Lets look back at some of the things deadspin/gawker has done.

They illegally obtained and posted a Hulk Hogan sex tape and when asked to take it down they did not.  So they went to court, were sued and well….


Next Deadspin posted a video of a girl getting raped on campus.  She reached out and asked for it to be taken down.  They said no, they left a video of an actual rape on their website and refused to take it down despite a rape victim asking nicely

And the list goes on and on from posting more videos in that light to wishing death on people and posting peoples private text messages.  So this got me thinking.  If Dave bought deadspin would the people who hate Dave and Barstool now be right?

Would Deadspin then have to write about deadspin being a gross disgusting excuse for an organization because Dave was now in charge?  The answer is yes.  If Dave Portnoy buys Deadspin he will now be apart of everything Barstool is not.  He will stand for abuse against woman, bullying, anti woman thoughts and racism.  Thats what deadspin does.  Hopefully Portnoy is smart enough to not purchase an organization like deadspin that is apart of such trash culture.  Be better Dave, for shame.. for shame.

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